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She saved his son. Can she save him, too?

Jamison Loane knew Alessia Rhyme like he had never known any other girl. As his best friend’s little sister, Aly always was around, making it easy to fall in love with her. Yet, one careless comment on Jam’s side put Aly in harm’s way. To keep her safe, he gave up his happiness and stayed away from Alessia, even though she was all he ever wanted.

Not that she or anyone knew that.
So when Alessia left for college, giving her his infant son was the only solution he saw to save the boy from an abusive mother.
Ten years later Aly can’t get over loving Jam, especially not when his son reminds her every day of the father so far away. Having built a great life for Lesso and herself, she is cautiously happy. Or so she thought until Jam shows up, turning her life upside down with a dimpled smile.
But Jam has changed. He has a dark secret that Aly is determined to uncover.

Can Jam and Aly leave the past behind when their secrets threaten to tear them apart? Or will they never find true salvation?

Warning: Due to adult situations and mild violence this book is intended for mature audiences only.

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Love is never simple. Love doesn’t understand a life plan, a needed vacation, or even lifetime dreams. True love marks you so deeply, you are simply tagged for life.

Life hasn’t turned out exactly how she thought it would for twenty-nine year old Tessa Rowan. She needs time. Time away to regroup, and have fun with her stateside friends. She needs forget all about looking for that all-consuming love she so desperately craves. So a trip to sunny California to see her friends is exactly what her heart craves.

Jesse “Jazz” Conner’s life is consumed by his service to his country. He was born a soldier. The Army is his home, his future, and undoubtedly his first love. His goal is to be the best, and to serve his country with pride. But when Jazz stumbles over a cute, but ragged looking blonde at the Monterey Airport, his resolve to stay focused on service is tested.

Tessa isn’t looking for a holiday fling, and Jazz doesn’t have the time to date . . . but neither of them can forget their first encounter. What begins as a chance encounter soon develops into a relationship neither is willing to sacrifice.

Can Jazz and Tessa find a way to be together? Or will they both walk away from their only chance at true love?

Warnings: contains adult language and situations