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What I have been up to, or better being MIA…

Hey everyone!

I will not deny it this time: Editing sucks. I know someone had told me that before. A lot of “someones”, but I simply didn’t want to believe it.

It’s a task that I still keep doing because I want this book out there. Set In Flames is done, as in ‘I’ve written it all down and now need to make it pretty’ and it makes me even more anxious to share it. Which I can’t yet. Sadly. But I have amazing help in a friend who’s reading it after I corrected what I think needs fixing. Does that make me feel good? No, I wish I could make it right in the first place without all that, BUT I CAN’T. The characters scream too loud as for me to write it pretty right away. But, we are getting there. Really.

So, what else is new? I still write, even though most of the time I keep myself from it. I have two WIPs which are dear to my heart right now. One is, of course, Morningstar Vampires book two, which has the nice working title “Set In Hope”. The second is a secret project that I don’t want to say too much about yet, but which is still coming along nicely.

So, be patient with me. December will bring you the Morningstars. Really. And the sooner Mrs. Jennison kicks my ass, the faster I’ll be. You know, my PA left for her honeymoon (I know, I released her from her basement prison long enough for that! xD) and ever since then edits aren’t as much fun. I think I’m awesome. She probably would correct a lot of things. BUt then, I know what’s in my head, so how come she doesn’t? Right, that’s what I’m writing for!

Anyways, I swear I’m sober, my thoughts are just all over the place at the moment.

So… I’m alive. And writing. And editing. And procrastinating. Oh well… 😉

Talk to you all soon!

PS: Just because he’s hot:


The six magical letters and new beginnings…

OMG, what a day today (and it’s only four something in the afternoon right now!)

I’ve been home and actually had planned on writing all those days (meaning the last four or five) and ended up sick, which actually made it almost impossible to write as much as I wish I’d be writing. But I still did and I reached the magical six letters… Which I didn’t write simply because it’s NOT the end. This is just the end of book one, after all, and I plan on having much more. Hell, my boys plan on having much more. As it is, I know already what will happen in book three! YAY!

Wait, what? Did she say book three? She just finished book one! Didn’t she forget one??

Nah, I didn’t. I know what I want to happen in THAT book, too, but sometimes ideas don’t hit in the right order. Besides that, book two is pretty much made up in my mind as well. It’s just a whole lot of excitement going on right now and since now the terrible stuff with the proof-reading comes, and all the editing that me and my surely amazing Betas will do, it will still take a little while until all of you can have that book in your hands because even though I cannot afford professional editing ( not may indie authors can whenever they start), I still want the book good enough so I don’t have to run and hide because of mistakes in it. I know you all understand. *winks*

I did do one more thing on the weekend and that’s creating my cover together with Airicka ( It’s crazy how many times you have to go back and forth, thinking and rethinking how you want to have what and then pick exactly THAT color you wanted… It was a fun process and she was just so patient and sweet, I felt very happy working with her.

So, I just really felt like telling you all what has been going on and how I feel about all of it. Now I’m super excited to show the awesomeness to you all!

Wishing you a very good day!

So much to worry about…

Hi everyone. It’s me again.

So, I always thought being an author was … Let’s not call it easy, but not that complicated! Boy, was I wrong!

I mean, I knew it wasn’t just about the writing, or even the idea, but it was being active, getting the word out that you are there. And even that’s not what’s really scaring me most. I’m honest here, I always thought it would be signing up at amazon-publishing, put my name in, enter my address and account number and BANG! hit publish…

Well, it’s not. You need to solve all that tax stuff, and you have papers and papers telling you what to do and what to say and all of that, but basically it looks fucking scary. I mean I heard others say some things about that and I’m like…

As it is, I probably couldn’t have done a lot of it without the amazing Aimie Jennison, who has a truly unbelievable patience when it comes to my insecurities and doubts. Seriously, babe, i have no idea how you manage to deal with me that easily! 😉

So, I am not nearly done with resolving all the tax-issue stuff, but i am getting there and maybe, just maybe, that really is easier than it looks at first.

Second topic of the night:

I know which story I am going to publish first simply because they’ve been there first and they are VERY present in my mind right now, so the vampires will be it. And kaboom, your PA sets you up with an author spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I have the bestest PA in the world and I am sure I just might follow Airicka Phoenix‘s advice and keep her chained in my basement soon, but the thought is still scary. I mean, I have nothing to show besides a few teasers, some really nice boys and my weird rambling.  But then again, enter PA who actually instantly tells me that I have a lot to share and that small authors need to get a chance, so I am thinking: Maybe she’s right! I sure hope some people will actually come to my little page because of that one hour I’ll soon get. I am freaking excited, that much is sure!

Okay, enough with the little things that swirl in my head tonight because some story wants to have some more words… *grin*

I’m wishing you all a great day, no matter where you are!


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