… or how I’d like to call it ‘The Click’ for short.

So, I’ve been thinking about ‘The Click’ all day since someone told me I was too demanding for needing ‘The Click’ in my life. It ended with me realising: Yes, I do need it and if that makes me demanding, then so be it.

I think we all have this moment where we read a certain line and it’s the moment you know that you’ll always swoon whenever someone mentions their name. Or reads that book. I mean, seriously, that sigh-moment when you think that you could grab the guy right out of the pages and keep him forever and ever. And longer.

For me as an author, I long for those moments and I soak them in like the first rays of sunshine after a long, dark winter. I want to tell you about my last ‘Click’-moment. It was with Jackson from L.A. Cotton‘s Loyalty and lies.

>> But when he turned the doorknob and half stepped out of the room, he glanced back at the last minute. “Ana, I’m no good for you. Stay away.” It came out barely a whisper.  << – Loyalty and Lies by L. A. Cotton

That was it. Not the million sentences before, not the ones after. This, right there, was ‘The Click’ for Jackson and me. Why? I don’t know. We can start throwing around ideas and theories now. After all, come on, he seems to be dangerous, right? Which girl doesn’t like them like that? Or maybe it was the way he obviously hurt about the words as much as Ana probably did. L.A. knows I’m obsessed with that boy ever since that book. And that’s what you need for a book to just hold you captive. It’s ‘The Click’. You have it and you’ll love it, or the book won’t manage to hold your attention long enough to reach the highly wished for four or even five star rating.

Authors lie of they say they don’t want to create a moment like that, because there are many things a reader can ‘click’ about in a book. A landscape, a main character, a certain relationship, or the way of writing. I don’t think we consciously think about writing this moment, but we all still hope that reader will find it.

I’ve even realised that while writing, i sometimes have those moments, too. I ‘clicked’ with my latest WIP. It was supposed to be a weekend-thing and then I’d put it into the NTBSA-Folder (Never To Be Seen Again). It’s a folder for things that I write just to get away. Only this WIP didn’t want to be in there, and I fell in love. I fell for my main, Aly, who is strong and amazing. I fell for Jam, who is brave and damaged.

Fact is: I need ‘The Click’. I don’t only need it my books. I need it in real life, too. I need to click with a new friend. Or a new book. Or a movie. And, most importantly, I need it in a guy. We don’t ‘click’? There goes your five-star-rating. So for now I’m happy with me it ‘clicked’. i have a WIP I love. And I currently get to ‘re-click’ with Jackson. I have no doubt it’ll happen since I got my hands on an ARC of L.A. Cotton’s Salvation and Secrets.

I ‘clicked’ and I couldn’t be more happy.

So, do you remember your last ‘click’? Or your first ‘click’ ever? Tell me about it. I wanna know and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find a new BBF to have ‘The Click’ with. 😉

Your Morningstar-Queen Sam