I know I haven’t really written or shared much with you in the last time. It’s simply because I don’t want to take my whole book away… And, let’s be honest, I don’t have photoshop or any other hot-editing program that makes pretty teasers. And I want to have pretty teasers. Oh well. So, I decided to actually share my PROLOGUE with all of you in this blog. How do you like that? It’s just for you, my sweet and amazing fans on my page. 😉

BUT, before you get that awesomeness, I wanna tell you a few other things, just so you know what’s going on now.

I wanted to release my book December 1st, I really did, but I decided that making it pretty and look good (sound good as well, of course) was more important then throwing it out there. So while the first reactions have been amazing, I want for you all to get the best experience possible.  Therefore we are waiting. Trust me, it’s not making me happy, either.

Besides that I’ve been writing on my next project and it’s coming along good. We are close to 40k words, to be honest. I’m gonna tell you more about Tagged For Life after Set In Flames actually was thrown out there. Then we’ll have new teasers and I’m gonna tell you a little bit about what this is.

So, anyways… I promised you the Prologue, and HERE IT IS!
(c) Sam Destiny, 2014


Some fourteen months earlier…

Maya James looked around the MSP… It was a club and its full name was Morning Star Playground. Morningstar wasn’t really something she had a full definition of, so she simply called the guys and girls there suckers. Little did she know that in the future she would realize that the club’s name was taunting the real MSP – Morning Star Police – nor did she know that there was a difference between them in the sense of some being good and some bad.

That evening she didn’t come close to imagining that one, or better a group of those guys, could and would change her entire world.

That evening Maya stood behind the bar, watching all the promiscuous people and the naughty things they were doing.

She had to admit that she didn’t feel safe at all, but a bar/sex-club would be the last place her mother would look for her.

Maya would feel a lot better if all the sexual acts would happen behind closed doors, but instead all sofas were covered in either half or fully delirious people and vampires sucking on about every part of the human body. She despised those humans that gave themselves away so easily.

There was no discrimination here: You found black and white mixed, gay and straight, groups and couples. Whatever you needed, you got it here.

That included any kind of sex, drug or person you could imagine.

Maya was cleaning glasses when one scene caught her eye. There was a guy, his jeans half way down his legs while a woman kneeled in front of him. He was leaning back against the wall and had a hard-on from here to Texas. The woman wrapped her hand around the erection, slowly moving it up and down while looking at him. He bit his lip; a lip Maya had to admit she would have loved to bite as well.

Working in that club didn’t really do her any good. It had been too long since she had given in to a guy; too long since she had felt safe enough to spend a night somewhere that wasn’t her very own apartment. And she’d never ever take anyone there.

The stranger nodded at the woman and she moved in, but instead of starting to suck the woman bit him. He instantly groaned out, burying his right hand in her hair, holding her in place while wrapping his left hand around hers still working his length.

It didn’t take long and he came, spilling himself right down her shoulder and into her hair before pulling her up and pressing her against the wall.

He was quick and strong, no doubt about it; and when he struck her shoulder while taking her against the wall, Maya knew he was one of them, too.

She shook her head, being disgusted about the fact that he was like her mother; yet she couldn’t help the thrill that went through her body at the thought of someone being just that bit rougher in the bedroom with her.

She wasn’t into pain, and she sure as hell didn’t want to be fucked against a club wall, but she couldn’t help but wish that her life would be less exciting outside and more action-packed inside her own four walls.

She sighed and then followed the plea of a colleague to go and grab some straws from the storage room. When she turned around the corner she couldn’t have known that this would be the night she’d finally leave that bar, running from everyone who appeared remotely crazy.

She didn’t see the shadow coming at her until she had a hand pressed over her mouth, proving that her attacker was so much stronger than her.

“Don’t worry, all your clothes will stay intact,” she heard. It was one of her regulars; a guy who always sat in the corner, watching either girl-on-girl or group-action. She never had doubted that women attracted him, but she hadn’t been able to picture any of them letting him close.

“I’m just gonna take your blood…” Her eyes got wide in panic, but she simply couldn’t move as he struck her carotid artery.

Just a second later he jumped back, smelling of burned meat, cursing like a sailor.

“You damn Origin bitch!”

She turned, looking at him, but she couldn’t see much except for angry bubbles surrounding his lips. Her blood had burned him like acid.

Origin? What was that?

She didn’t see the beating coming until she found herself down on the floor, sporting a few broken rips and a hole in her head. She needed to get going. The blood would draw more of those suckers and she couldn’t afford to lose anything more tonight. Her dignity and her safety were already gone after all.

I sure you hope you are intrigued now! 😉