Hi everyone. It’s me again.

So, I always thought being an author was … Let’s not call it easy, but not that complicated! Boy, was I wrong!

I mean, I knew it wasn’t just about the writing, or even the idea, but it was being active, getting the word out that you are there. And even that’s not what’s really scaring me most. I’m honest here, I always thought it would be signing up at amazon-publishing, put my name in, enter my address and account number and BANG! hit publish…

Well, it’s not. You need to solve all that tax stuff, and you have papers and papers telling you what to do and what to say and all of that, but basically it looks fucking scary. I mean I heard others say some things about that and I’m like…

As it is, I probably couldn’t have done a lot of it without the amazing Aimie Jennison, who has a truly unbelievable patience when it comes to my insecurities and doubts. Seriously, babe, i have no idea how you manage to deal with me that easily! đŸ˜‰

So, I am not nearly done with resolving all the tax-issue stuff, but i am getting there and maybe, just maybe, that really is easier than it looks at first.

Second topic of the night:

I know which story I am going to publish first simply because they’ve been there first and they are VERY present in my mind right now, so the vampires will be it. And kaboom, your PA sets you up with an author spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I have the bestest PA in the world and I am sure I just might follow Airicka Phoenix‘s advice and keep her chained in my basement soon, but the thought is still scary. I mean, I have nothing to show besides a few teasers, some really nice boys and my weird rambling.  But then again, enter PA who actually instantly tells me that I have a lot to share and that small authors need to get a chance, so I am thinking: Maybe she’s right! I sure hope some people will actually come to my little page because of that one hour I’ll soon get. I am freaking excited, that much is sure!

Okay, enough with the little things that swirl in my head tonight because some story wants to have some more words… *grin*

I’m wishing you all a great day, no matter where you are!