Hi everyone. So yeah, I guess an author needs a blog. I’m an author. Well, I want to be one. I’m writing a book… or actually two, so I guess I need a blog…

Well, what could I possibly write about?

Ah, I think I’ll simply start about the way my writing works. So far I usually tended to write down scenes whenever they came to mind, and I used to write a little with a friend. Then I started writing fanfics, the way probably a lot of people do nowadays.

But then I kinda really thought maybe I should try it, you know? Like really try that author thing and I did what seemed to be the first big commitment: I opened up a Facebook-fanpage. Yeah, welcome to the world of new media! *winks* And so my long road began…

I was sure vampires would be it. i mean, after all, I already had one notebook filled with the story and it came along really well until a certain, hot-blooded cowboy thought he might like it better if I focus on him for now. As with most writers, I actually have a hard time ignoring a certain story idea whenever I write. The WIP I have would suddenly not come out write until eventually the muse would fully leave and the second idea would cross its arms in front if its chest, saying: See where ignoring me got you?

So now I have two stories that I both absolutely love and that I actually write in turns. I know I announced vampires a lot, but maybe it won’t be vampires as my debut novel. I swear, I’m torn. Jaden, my vampire, gets a sissy fit almost daily. You know how guys are: They want to be the first for you.

So, where do I exactly stand? i stand in the middle of two stories that I both absolutely love and that got two of my friends swooning, no matter which one it is. I can’t decide and yet, I am guessing i don’t need to yet, right? We’ll just go and see where this takes me…

So for now… Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!