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September 2014


Okay, so you all know that I actually haven’t been writing (I tried to convince myself that then I would study more…) because my exams are coming up and even though they don’t matter, I planned to study for about two weeks…

Yeah, I know, I know… Even though I didn’t touch my laptop until last night, I actually read a lot and thought about what I would write… And what else I still need to sort through until I actually get as far as hitting publish ( OMG, I will hit publish one day???) and it’s a lot. I mean, you need to consider a lot of things that I never thought I could consider so many different things… Including the fact of what I’d do before publishing.

Obviously being an author is NOT cheap, especially not when starting, so I thought about the editing process. I know what readers think (especially because whenever I am a reader I am like that, too), but by now I know that especially for debuts it’s hard to pay for an editor. Does that mean my book will be fully of mistakes? No. I will count on a handful of people that I’ll handpick and that promised to read my book. They might not be professional editors, but they are passionate readers, and, honestly, who could be better for me than that? No one, I think. I love them for being my trial bunnies. They are awesome.

Besides that I think I am finally closer to a date where I can actually publish the book… I mean, you all know how things are with tentative dates, but I can say that as of right now it looks really good for a december release. As in… VERY good. Of course that depends a lot on the fact that my bestest PA Yvi takes away from her time to edit the first rough draft… And I swear, so far  it’s really rough! *winks* Jaden really wants this story done though because he hopes he gets some quiet time with Maya then… We will see, I guess.

What else does it depend on? Nothing more but the fact that I really want to have a good feeling about that book before I bring that book to any market – and with that finally giving you what you liked my page for.

Until then though this is what’s going on right now in my writer’s life.

Thank you for being here and reading that.


So much to worry about…

Hi everyone. It’s me again.

So, I always thought being an author was … Let’s not call it easy, but not that complicated! Boy, was I wrong!

I mean, I knew it wasn’t just about the writing, or even the idea, but it was being active, getting the word out that you are there. And even that’s not what’s really scaring me most. I’m honest here, I always thought it would be signing up at amazon-publishing, put my name in, enter my address and account number and BANG! hit publish…

Well, it’s not. You need to solve all that tax stuff, and you have papers and papers telling you what to do and what to say and all of that, but basically it looks fucking scary. I mean I heard others say some things about that and I’m like…

As it is, I probably couldn’t have done a lot of it without the amazing Aimie Jennison, who has a truly unbelievable patience when it comes to my insecurities and doubts. Seriously, babe, i have no idea how you manage to deal with me that easily! 😉

So, I am not nearly done with resolving all the tax-issue stuff, but i am getting there and maybe, just maybe, that really is easier than it looks at first.

Second topic of the night:

I know which story I am going to publish first simply because they’ve been there first and they are VERY present in my mind right now, so the vampires will be it. And kaboom, your PA sets you up with an author spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I have the bestest PA in the world and I am sure I just might follow Airicka Phoenix‘s advice and keep her chained in my basement soon, but the thought is still scary. I mean, I have nothing to show besides a few teasers, some really nice boys and my weird rambling.  But then again, enter PA who actually instantly tells me that I have a lot to share and that small authors need to get a chance, so I am thinking: Maybe she’s right! I sure hope some people will actually come to my little page because of that one hour I’ll soon get. I am freaking excited, that much is sure!

Okay, enough with the little things that swirl in my head tonight because some story wants to have some more words… *grin*

I’m wishing you all a great day, no matter where you are!


Let’s get started…

Hi everyone. So yeah, I guess an author needs a blog. I’m an author. Well, I want to be one. I’m writing a book… or actually two, so I guess I need a blog…

Well, what could I possibly write about?

Ah, I think I’ll simply start about the way my writing works. So far I usually tended to write down scenes whenever they came to mind, and I used to write a little with a friend. Then I started writing fanfics, the way probably a lot of people do nowadays.

But then I kinda really thought maybe I should try it, you know? Like really try that author thing and I did what seemed to be the first big commitment: I opened up a Facebook-fanpage. Yeah, welcome to the world of new media! *winks* And so my long road began…

I was sure vampires would be it. i mean, after all, I already had one notebook filled with the story and it came along really well until a certain, hot-blooded cowboy thought he might like it better if I focus on him for now. As with most writers, I actually have a hard time ignoring a certain story idea whenever I write. The WIP I have would suddenly not come out write until eventually the muse would fully leave and the second idea would cross its arms in front if its chest, saying: See where ignoring me got you?

So now I have two stories that I both absolutely love and that I actually write in turns. I know I announced vampires a lot, but maybe it won’t be vampires as my debut novel. I swear, I’m torn. Jaden, my vampire, gets a sissy fit almost daily. You know how guys are: They want to be the first for you.

So, where do I exactly stand? i stand in the middle of two stories that I both absolutely love and that got two of my friends swooning, no matter which one it is. I can’t decide and yet, I am guessing i don’t need to yet, right? We’ll just go and see where this takes me…

So for now… Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!


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